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Foam gasketing application

Cast seal option on our DynamicLine machine.

  • Possible gasket dimensions:

Seal width: range from 5mm to 25mm

Seal height: is determined by the material used

  • Gasket hardness:

It is determined by the material used, current range: 25-55 Shore OO

  • Seal material: 

Soft polyurethane (technical sheet on request)

  • Surface treatment before application:

Lacquered parts structured - without primer application.

Lacquered parts smooth - always need to check adhesion

Raw material - always need to use a primer

  • Maximum sizes of processed parts:

 2400x1000x275 [mm] (LxWxH)

  • Other over-dimensions, seal positions at high posts, edges and others need to be verified.

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